Watkins Products Houston, TX

Clyde & Shirley Hannes #080310

Clyde & Shirley Hannes #080310
Our Story...

Clyde and Shirley have been with Watkins for over 40 years. We’ve built a reputable full time business by giving prompt service. We’ve serviced customers, sponsored and trained representatives for over 40 years in HOUSTON , TEXAS and surrounding areas. Clyde joined Watkins part- time in 1965. By 1966 he left his Nabisco job to join Watkins full time. Shirley left her teaching career in 1969 to join Watkins full time also. We devoted ourselves full time to Watkins and the rewards have been great:
  • Charter members of Watkins President’s Club 1984-1999

  • #1 Nationally in sales 1986 and 1988

  • #1 Nationally in Sponsoring 1988

  • Won many trips with Watkins and traveled the world over

  • Won many other awards and recognition with Watkins

This is our 5th decade to be servicing WATKINS Customers.
We are a family operated business. Thanks for visiting our web site and your interest in Watkins Products. Clyde & Shirley Hannes #080310 Contact us to learn about the company, products, opportunities, or place an order.

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