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Watkins Products has been serving customers for over 145 years featuring 350 quality products and honoring the money back guarantee. Watkins Products is famous for their vanilla extract, pepper, cinnamon, gourmet foods, liniments, and other patent medicines.
In 1868, Watkins Products introduced their first product, the liniment which became the foundation for an entire empire. Watkins Products liniment was distributed to families by the horse drawn wagon.

For over 100 years Watkins Products Vanilla Extract has been the World's largest selling vanilla extract because of it's superior
quality and double strength.

Today, Watkins Products still offers vanilla extact, the original
liniment and other products that are pure, natural, concentrated, environmentally safe which makes Watkins Products a,
"general store at your customers door".
Contact Information

Clyde & Shirley Hannes #080310 Directors
P.O. Box 231712 1517 Lombardy
Houston, Texas 77223
713-924-5113 1-800-533-0158
Fax 281-992-3542 e-mail: Watkins-Texas@comcast.net

The statements made and opinions expressed on this page are those of the independent Watkins associate who is the publisher of this document and are not to be construed as the statements or opinion of Watkins Incorporated.

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