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Watkins Food Product Vanilla Gourment Foods
Watkins Food Product Vanilla
The award winning double strength vanilla is made from the Madagascar Bourbon prime, plump, sun cured vanilla beans. It is bake proof and freeze proof. Watkins vanilla won the gold medal for the highest quality at the International Exposition in Paris in 1928.

It is available in 2oz., 6oz., 11oz., and gallons

Watkins Dessert Product
Watkins Dessert Product
Other gourment foods include pure granulated black pepper, pure ground Cinnamon, soup bases, dessert mixes, spices, dip mixes, extracts, barbeque sauces, marinades, oils, cocoas, and jellies.

Watkins Personal Care Products
Watkins Personal Care Products
Vanilla lotions, sprays, oils, and soap.

Hair care products include herbal shampoos. There are also aloe vera and green tea lotions, deodorants, burn creme, and soaps. There are candles, room sprays, bath products, peppermint foot products, and massage oils.

Watkins Health & Wellness Product
Watkins Red Liniment
Health and Wellness products include the first product of 1868, the red liniment.

Also white cream liniment, petro carbo salve, menthol camphor ointment, analgesic balm, icy blue, cough syrup, medicine for colds and flu, weight management products, aloe vera, vitamins and herbs.

Watkins Cleaning Product
Watkins Earth-Friendly Detergents
Earth-friendly detergents,
and bath cleaners.

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